Key words Hotel, Гостиница, Hotel
Words it is reserved for five bank days. If you will not pay off, the word becomes free. In case of payment of a word it is activated within two days and you will be its owner 2 years.
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     To order the word chosen by you it is necessary to note color, a kind, the size of the font in following fields and to bring data about your enterprise / organization. All information given by you will be placed on our site.

Base Cost for Set Your Keyword (in Romanian): -- 500 lei
EQUIVALENT IN: Russian +200 lei
English +100 lei
FONT SIZES: Small +0 lei
Medium +50 lei
Large +100 lei
JUMBO +200 lei
FONT OPTIONS: Italic +50 lei
Underline +50 lei
Overline +50 lei
Bold +100 lei
FONT COLORS: Black +0 lei
Dark Green +120 lei
Light Green +100 lei
Dark Red +140 lei
Light Red +200 lei
Dark Blue +160 lei
Light Blue +180 lei
Orange +100 lei
Purple +190 lei